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Rules For Your Brain


These are the Rules

Writing Is Telepathy

Putting thoughts on paper, or digital paper, is a mechanism for birthing the idealized universal intelligence into our 3d World. Not only does it literally, and here I supposed we literally mean literally, communicate the idea to someone elses consciousness via symbols that are picked up by photons in someone's eye that are then converted into a frequency that travels through an organic neural network whereby that encoded information is projected by the massive visual cortex into a mental 3d picture of the idea, in someone elses brain. But now it's in someone elses mind. That thought frequency at a sub atomic, whatever constitutes the vibration in the quarks, material exisitence is now on the same sub atomic, whatever constitutes the vibration in the quarks frequency as the thought model that is in the original writer's mind. Quantum entanglement would suggest that those two minds are now connected in a way that is more profound than a walkie talkie or a radio broadcast analogy that I am now abandoning the writing of here. Future updates to this section will be about how publishing the writing is something and further how the code that allows for the publishing of that writing is something. Let me know here or here if you have an idea for what that something should be called.

Execution Being Everything, Optimize For Executive Function

There are so many parts and layers to our brains and minds. But executive function is where the money is. We can meditate about our chakras. And we should. We can use binaural beats, the good ones...not the shitty copies, to optimize our theta waves and our 40 hz gamma waves. We can arrange our diets and habits to keep our dopamine tank full. There are lots of things. But what we really need to do is meditate, optimize, instrospect on that elusive complex part of the brain and mind: The Executive Functioning System. That is the mechanism by which our Idealized World gets translated into our 3 Dimensional Meat Space Holographic Projection world where we arguably experience The Universe. All things manifested must first be thought. That's true. But the rubber meets the road and the payment hits the bank account when those thoughts are manifested through this Executive Functioning System. I mean it's all just quantum physics. This is where Mathison shines, by the way, as we strive to run a cognitive architecture that operates via an executive functioning system. Call it Computational Executive Functioning. We can call it that because that is really what we are studying...Executive that we can hack our own Executive Function.

Don't Paint Someone Else's Picture

Doing something creative based entirely on someone elses vision of what needs to be done, especially something that is visual, is a Recipe For Hurt. God forbid that you are trying to build some kind of system out of someone else's picture that they have delegated to you to paint. Or worse, abdicated to you to paint.
Do your inner child a favor and organize your work around making sure that you deliver the actual paint, the easel, the studio, the instructions, the art gallery or even create an entire art market around the paintings...but avoid painting someone elses picture at all costs. Architects, I'm looking at you too. You can put your hand down Howard Roark.

Eliminate Dispersion

Steve Jobs met with Jony Ive for lunch everyday. If you believe the story, Steve would ask Jony what he said "No" to today. Sometimes Jony answered with something that Steve knew that Jony didn't want to do anyway. So that didn't count. Steve wanted Jony to say "No" to things that he deeply wanted to do. Things that he thought about all the time but decided to not do because it was not The Thing that was being worked on. Focus means intentionally saying "No" to things that are great ideas to eliminate Dispersion in your work. That's that Focus means and what Steve Jobs was great at. He would ask, "Why are we talking about that? This is what we are working on." As an experiment, I just flipped that around a bit. What if someone asks, "Why are we talking about this? That is what we are working on." illustrates how it can derail the focus. They have externalized it already as That. Shudder. Elmination of Dispersion by saying "No" is how we get a 1980s two full page Radio Shack newspaper ad of products to fit into slice of glass in your pocket, always connected to all of the worlds collective knowledge and instantly all of the humans that you have ever known.

No Scroll

Want to mess up your brain? Scroll things. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook...anything with an infinite scroll feature. You can drain all of your nuerotransmitters in no time just by scrolling. You can trick your sub conscious into thinking you already have hunted and gathered all of your needs. Your brain doesn't know the difference. The opposite of scrolling is doing 400 micro tasks. That might add up to like two Things today but literally executing on those 400 micro tasks requires that same about of dopamine as scrolling through an infinite timeline of dissociated images. What if you swipe right or swipe left on hundreds of images? How will you have any dopamine left to do the Things that Steve Jobs would say "Yes" to? And it doesn't count if you are scrolling 100 videos for "How To Integrate Your Shadow With Jordan Peterson and Carl Jung - Live At The Hollywood Bowl". Just because it's self improvement, it's still scrolling. And if you scroll through all of those things on your infinite vision board, then your mind thinks you already have those things. Go ahead take a break, you are already a billionaire. Or have 117 girlfriends. What's the point of doing the work? You've already obtained everything. Forget Virtual Reality...this is Virtual Satiety. Do your bank account a favor, whenever you find your thumb going from down to up on a piece of Gorilla Glass, just stop. Right now. Just stop and put the Gorilla Glass in another room. Now what? You're bored? Good. Go for a walk if you have to. Let that boredom build up your store of brain chemicals so you can use that chemical that ends in "ine" to create something rather than consume everything.

Feel Free To Cancel The Meeting

A corrallory to Execution Being Everything is that it's better to cancel the flow killing meeting and deliver. Make people happy with the delivery of the value by doing the work. The worst kinds of meetings to avoid are status meetings. Status meetings for a creative, especially when stuck with Painting Someone Else's Picture are forcing one back into default mode brain waves while being faced with "Disappointed Dad Face" by everyone in the room. Doesn't matter if you just invented cold fusion so that the escape rocket can get us all safely to Mars, the look and feel of the room is always, "So when do we actually get to go to Mars? Hmmmm? Just ballpark us something that is closest to the pin. We won't hold you to it." Fast forward to tomorrow...they hold you to it.

Be a savage about cancelling meetings and do it guilt free. If the Meeting People can't handle it -- and trust me they can handle it. They are filling in that time on the calendar gleefully -- then you have to just make them deal with it. They'll remember what you deliver. No matter what happens in the meeting, nobody will ever recall. If you are in a model where The Client Experience is important it's time to modify that model. Especially in a world with 100X to 1000X increase in deliverability via AI, do you have time to 100X the time you spend delivering that great Client Experience? Relationships are more important than ever, but meetings that someone else calls, especially for status updates, are not the same thing as Client Experience Relationship Management. If you want to do CERM...then do it. Go to a baseball game. If remote, fly into town. Or just book a Google Meet for a one on one to deliver the Client Experience.

Touch Grass

Anything on this list of rules not working? Touch Grass. Put your bare feet on the earth and connect to the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance. Also, while you are out there, let your eyes go into panorama mode instead of the tunnel vision focus through a straw of whatever it was you were doing. Look at the trees, mountains, skyline, clouds, horizon...whatever. I was going to suggest looking at two ant colonies fighting over a slice of mango, but that might be the opposite of panoramic view. But if that is what you need to do look at while touching grass, it's still better than a YouTube cross referenced with TikTok rabbit hole about ant inter-colony war videos. Imagine the subliminal effects of having to be plundered with Orkin ads for a month now too.