Mike McClintock

Full Stack Product Creator
Amplified Cognition and NodalEffects

I started making digital things in the 80s. Basic, Turbo Pascal. Commodore 64, AppleII, a 386...didn't care what it was or what tools we had, I just loved it.

Still do to this day.

Mike McClintock’s raison d'etre is to eliminate scarcity through the acceleration of artificially intelligent systems that benefit sovereign individuals. It might take a few minutes, but he’s got good headphones. The moral compass for how this is judged to be good is if Terrence Mckenna and Marc Andreesen would agree, “This is the way”.

Fast forward 30ish years and I still have dirty hands. As dirty as they can be punching code. I'm your guy if you need someone to help you bring your startup to market by crafting strategies, code, vetting partners, figuring out complex technology agreements and partnerships or finding partners to work with. Tap my network. If you need someone to build your MVP or define how to build your complete system, you are in the right place.

Today, I am the founder of NodalEffects and XRAI Systems where we invent and bring to market VR/AR products (that's the XR) and AI systems. Get it XRAI - like x ray. Spatial Computing + Artificial Intelligence. We've been working with these technologies for a lot longer than the current hype cycle.

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Some things I do

Things I solve. What I am useful for. Ways you can engage with me:

Build An MVP

This word MVP. It's a tough one to agree on it's definition. Those words Minimum and Viable tend to extend themselves into Maximum and Possible. But we all agree it's a Product. Let's build one together and validate a startup idea.

Vet or create a goto market plan

Using the Lean Startup playbook, I'll build an entire roadmap with testable breakpoints and circuit breakers along the way. 'Build it and they will come' is a fallacy. Start with the market. Build it into your product.

Create and help you execute an AI roadmap

Being an AI First company can create a 100X multiplier on your current business model. AI is not an existential crisis for any business. It's an opportunity that comes along every 100 years.

Decipher your place in this AI World

Skip the LLM hype. I love GPT-4 as much as anyone, but it's not AGI and it's not going to be. That being said, now that everyone is starting to understand the use cases. Let me show you how this whole AI revolution can fit into your business.

Real World Assets On Chain

No, I'm not going to build you a Bored Ape clone. But I will build you a decentralized tokenization system for real world assets if you are currently operating in those businesses.

Build AR and VR Systems

In the browser. In your headset. On you phone. I build holographic systems.

Build Marketplace Systems For Services

I started building these 30+ years ago. I didn't even know it was a category. I still build them today. Most of the wealth created with tech is built on some kind of B2B Marketplace of Services. Want one?


Let's make some great video content together and have a nice conversation about cool and fun topics. It's a 30 to 90 minute investment of time for the two of us and you wind up with a months worth of video content to use for yourself. Best investement return on earth.

Find Partners For Your Business

Yes, you could just google it. But if that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure I know the best and who to talk to.

Help you negotiate deals with tech vendors

I know where the digital bodies are buried. Your potential tech vendors cannot bullshit me.

Buy vs. Build Advisory

Once you've determined what is core to your company and what isn't, then I will often help smash the numbers and the tech around and determine if buying or building is the best technical option.

Audit and Quantify your marketing stack

This is often referred to as 'Help me find which vendors are doing a good job in the marketing mix. And find which vendors or services are not contributing to digital ROI.' More that a few have described this as 'Find out who is &#$^%#$^$ us'

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